F-M Youth Participation Scholarship Program

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Join this program for just a $5.00 one time investment!

This scholarship program is special to the Fargo-Moorhead Association. When you enroll for just $5.00, your youth bowler can earn up to $70 in a season for their SMART scholarship account. Youth bowlers must participate for 4 consecutive years, with 2/3rd of the games bowled, to be eligible for the scholarship. Their points will begin accumulating as soon as the bowler is enrolled. Points are worth $10 each.

How do you earn scholarship?

  • Bowl 2/3rds of the games in their league (2 points)
  • Participate in the All-City Youth Tournament (1 point per event)
  • Participate in the Holiday Scholarship Tournament (1 point)
  • Participate in the Regional Tournament (1 point per event)
  • Participate in the State Youth Tournament (1 point per event)

Scholarship program entry form

To enter the Scholarship Program, please fill out the form and submit it to your youth coordinator.

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